Stucco is a time-tested product that has been around for centuries, and was actually used by ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, stucco is considered to be an almost maintenance-free exterior with unlimited design options. Stucco is tough, long lasting, and provides a unique, highly desirable appearance.

Bague offers a variety of stucco products to suite your needs, including: Traditional Stucco, Lath, Foam, ArcusStone, and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems-synthetic stucco).

We specialize on surface textures such old world finish, sand finish, brush finish, with many different fancy raised bands and foam shapes that give your project a better look.

We take pride in our work to be sure our team will provide the highest quality in products and workmanship.

Need more than just Stucco?

No problem.
The construction process is composed of many steps. Although we specialized in the stucco step, we are well networked in the construction industry and can connect you, for the rest of the process, with other companies that will provide the same quality of service we do.